Australian Catholic College Finds 24% Savings in Facility Management

Educational Services

Australian Catholic College Finds 24% Savings


Project Information

Industry: Education

Savings Category: Cleaning

Savings: 24%


The Client

The client is a Catholic Secondary College with approximately over 1500 students. The college is typical of most schools with a small management team that lacks the resources and industry knowledge to manage a contract cleaning tender and achieve the savings produced by Expense Reduction Analysts.

The Challenge

The college’s Business Manager was unhappy with the standard of cleaning and the level of service offered by his current cleaning contractor.

The incumbent was a large national service company but lacked the accountability to resolve complaints from the teaching and administrative staff within the college.


The Scenario

Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA) reviewed the contract cleaning, the college was able to select a supplier that demonstrated a higher standard in the quality of cleaning and whose account management and dispute resolution have reduced the administrative burden to the Business Manager and his staff.

"Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA) was able to deliver a cost saving of 24% compared to the previous contract. The significant process improvements and cost savings have resulted in a very successful project outcome for Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA) and the Catholic College."

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