Cheese Manufacturing Company Finds 32% Savings in Electricity


Cheese Manufacturing Company Finds 32% Savings in Electricity


Project Information

Industry: Food Manufacturing

Savings Category: Energy (Electricity)

Savings: 32%


The Client

Our client is a medium-large sized speciality cheese manufacturer and in the last five years had an average growth rate of 20%.


The Challenge

The energy spent was large, and a long-term 3-year contract had been signed with an energy retailer.

A key factor of usage is the daily start-up of boilers and equipment for pasteurising milk in the receiver area and the cheese-making process, then later in the day a need for steam for ricotta production and electricity to run vats, cold rooms, and maturing rooms.

It is a seven day a week operation keeping incoming milk cool and then running processes and storage which cannot afford any hiccups in supply.


The Solution

Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA) was asked to undertake a review and develop a plan for consumption going forward with an emphasis on the changing landscape and threats to costs with increasing supply charges.

The increased costs are a significant factor in maintaining and developing export markets and remaining competitive in Australia against imports.


The Outcome

A saving of more than 30% was made over a two-year period with no reduction in service level by reviewing the way electricity was supplied and adopting smarter billing arrangements.


“ERA became our trusted advisor and showed us some ways of making savings and being smarter to reduce waste that continues to assist us in the long term.”

Managing Director

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