David Rounsevell

Managing Director - Asia Pacific

David Rounsevell assumed the position of Managing Director for Expense Reduction Analysts, Australia in March 2014. He has been with ERA for the last 13 years as a Principal Consultant. He specialises in cost analysis, predominately in telecommunications and business supplies. Over the years, he has coached some people into the business. He has initiated client relationships and delivered results to clients all over the country.

In the last few years, he has worked closely with some significant clients on telecommunications projects. While the projects differed greatly, the savings raked in by David in this category ranged from 28% to as high as 55% in one of the cases. The years of experience in the sector equips him with insider knowledge of the intricacies telecom has to offer. Even though clients have unique demands and their circumstances vary greatly, David’s ability to embrace it all and work with stakeholders to come up with stellar results has come forth the time and again.

David regularly speaks at different forums, addressing top executives on strategic cost management, office supplies and telecom industry issues. He is very entrepreneurial in nature – under his leadership ERA is exploring new territories and staying at the cutting edge of industry insights.

Before joining ERA, David spent time within the telecom industry in different sales roles. He built sales and operational teams pursuing and delivering on aggressive growth targets.

David lives in Adelaide and has 4 children (3 of whom are apparently adults). He cycles when he gets time, water skis with the kids and travels for pleasure as often as possible.

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