David Rounsevell

Managing Director - Asia Pacific

Strategic Cost Management Expert | Business Growth Enthusiast

As the Managing Director for the ERA Group Asia Pacific region, I oversee operations in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

My journey began in the manufacturing industry. However, I recognised the challenges in a shifting global landscape and the challenges of staying competitive in a high-cost environment; perhaps this shaped my desire to see businesses operate with an efficient cost structure. I transitioned to the photocopier and office supplies industries, moving into Sales Management and General Management roles.

I joined ERA Group (Expense Reduction Analysts) in 2001 as a Principal Consultant and ascended to Managing Director in 2014. Our unique position in the marketplace, coupled with deep category expertise, allows us to deliver exceptional results rarely achieved in business. Our unwavering focus on implementation sets us apart, ensuring tangible results that positively impact the bottom line.

I am deeply passionate about business growth and its transformative impact on franchisees and clients. Witnessing the positive ripple effects, from charities optimising funds to large businesses operating at best practice, fuels my commitment. I am a sought-after speaker at executive forums, addressing strategic cost management, office supplies, and telecommunication industry challenges.

Outside the boardroom, I have a hobby farm; I cherish moments cycling, water skiing with my kids, and indulging in travel for pleasure whenever possible.

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