Rolls Hofmans

Rolls has successfully fulfilled various vital roles, including Line Manager, Broker, Business Analyst, Information Architect, Project Manager, Mentor, and Management Consultant. He has owned several businesses and also worked for several Fortune 500 organisations.

Being curious by nature, he has gained specialist knowledge within the ICT, Data Science, Supply Chain Management, Insurance, Lending, and Construction sectors, with additional exposure to Health, Cryptocurrencies and Aviation.

Attending a Singularity University Summit made him acutely aware of the disruptive technologies changing our world at an exponential rate, providing businesses with new efficiency opportunities. To extend his horizon and help future-proof clients, he completed a Masters of Applied Data Science (Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning) at Canterbury University in 2018 with Distinction.

Past Projects:

  • Canterbury District Health Board Emergency Dept: within presenting heart attack patients, only 19% have a Major Adverse Cardiovascular Event (MACE). Significant resources are applied to this area, with many non-MACE patients having to stay overnight, constraining resources while Clinicians needed better decision support in the form of Machine Learning. He scoped the project, agreed on deliverables and selected and led two other Data Scientists. Using Machine Learning proved that it is possible to discharge patients presenting with Heart Attack symptoms earlier. From 34% within 3.5 hours to 52%, significantly saving resources and improved patient comfort. In addition, proven safe to discharge 36% of patients within 90 minutes using only 1 Troponin Test.
  • Arrow/Southern Response Decision Room: Following the Christchurch Earthquakes in 2010/11 and significant delays in getting the Rebuild started, the Project Management Office was faced with ongoing protestors but uncertain of where the pain came from. He set up a data pipeline, delegated actions to clean dirty data, analysed the data to find pain points within the workflows, visualised the information, and elicited feedback from decision-makers. Implemented the KPI’s and task lists within personal scoreboards and the decision room, providing action lists for Project Managers. Successfully addressed critical issues, culminating in the Award for Arrow International ‘Innovation’- achieving significant increases in cross-pollination amongst staff, developing team culture, and a clear way forward to meet the December 2016 deadline to complete the Rebuild.
  • KLM Airlines: Challenge was to maximise revenue, bringing the total passenger journey into consideration. Contributed to programme Origin-Destination where Business Intelligence was deployed to understand the Passenger holistically. As Technical Project Manager overseeing Contractors and Consultants, responsible for the design of the architecture from Data Warehouse to Graphical User Interface and the rationalisation of KPIs’s. Ensured the Technical Architecture was designed, created and deployed on time and budget. The programme is still being sold by KLM 20 years later to other airlines worldwide.
  • Ricoh Europe BV. Recognised an opportunity to utilise emerging technology to address challenges of the paper-based system and forecasting lead-times of +18 months which created huge inventories of dead and obsolescent stock. Developed a simple application to collate data and calculate inventory requirements which could be used as a basis for forecasting. Responsibility expanded to cover 2200 products sourced from 33 worldwide factories, delivered to 60 EMEA countries in 20 languages and value of $10 billion p.a. Recognised as the go-to reference site for Ricoh worldwide.


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Science
  • Office Copiers
  • Fire, Security, Hygiene