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Marketing Specialist


Muhammad Reefath Rahman

Marketing Specialist
ERA Australia

• Managing the APAC Marketing and Franchise Sales team to deliver a range of digital marketing, intranet communications, online advertising, event engagement, franchise sales, recruitment projects, and collaborating with international teams in the UK & the US to achieve outstanding results.

• Providing innovative marketing and information technology strategies, including creating and managing CMS systems that streamline the process of corporate e-marketing and individual traditional marketing needs.

• Consistently collaborating with the Franchise & Marketing Advisory Council to ensure sales and marketing campaigns align with the current business needs and marketing plans.

• Personally tailoring the online advertising and recruitment campaigns to suit franchise sales in specific business categories and areas of expertise.

• Jointly working with Franchise Council of Australia (FCA), LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, Seek Business, Google Australia, Franchising Expo Australia, and Franchise Direct Australia to market franchise opportunities.

• Analysing Monthly Activity Statements data from two separate sides of marketing (franchise-side and client-side) to measure the success of marketing campaigns and accurate reporting in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

• Coordinating InMail marketing campaigns (sponsored content marketing) targeting specific audiences according to the sales and marketing plan.


David Rounsevell

Managing Director
ERA Asia Pacific

“Muhammad is highly skilled in digital marketing, brand management, content marketing, data analysis and visualisation, project management and digital lead generation. I see him giving 200% in every project, and we have also won the 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 SEEK Business Top Franchise Award for Marketing & Support, of which he is integral.

Muhammad has shown a solid dedication to his work, and barely a day goes by without his work ethic and attitude being complimented. He has been a valuable addition to the team and an ideal representation of our brand values. In my 18 years in the business, he is by far the best we have had.”