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SpendVue delivers actionable insights and costs savings opportunities. It is a new data visualisation tool developed by Expense Reduction Analysts. Utilising SpendVue, ERA’s consultants show organisations their spending in a new way by identifying clear, actionable areas for cash flow improvement hidden in your financial data.

What makes SpendVue unique?

Combined with your financial data, SpendVue enables you to see your data through our unique lens – giving you the power to interact with your data like never before.  SpendVue aligns your data with:

  • 30 years of proprietary ERA benchmarking data
  • Insights from over 30,000 cost savings projects
  • Expertise that spans across over 40 expense categories

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A risk-free way to improve your bottom line!

Uniquely, ERA offers a contingent based commercial model, i.e. sharing in the returns, and manages the entire process, including the suppliers’ performance, for two years post-implementation. ERA is wholly independent and works solely on behalf of your organisation.

We help to:

• Improve internal processes
• Manage supplier relationships
• Benchmark prices
• Conduct tendering exercises
• Integrate and identify new suppliers

Most of our work is done outside of your office environment. Our processes, resources, and systems ensure minimal impact on your internal resources.

We monitor supplier performance throughout a time frame aligned with the supply contract to ensure that all the savings are realised, sustained, and even improved over time.

In addition, we collaborate with you on a fully transparent basis throughout the process, allowing you to retain control of all the key aspects of the engagement.


Gain a competitive advantage!

We stay with our clients for the long term, conducting regular invoice audits. This ensures that we maximise the savings we identify and keep prices in check for the long term.

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