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Being the founder of a start-up business, I understood what it takes for a business to survive and ERA provided the right network and model for success. Most days of the year, the work-life balance is achievable, and I can do the school drop-offs and pickups, attending triathlon training with my son or going to the gym with my daughter. I believe it is a good opportunity for women to succeed.

Annamaria Varga, QLD


This is a group well worth exploring and having a chat with the consultants, and I suspect you will find still engaged and enthusiastic. Get the war stories and laugh, but the proposition is simple but powerful, and from that, the possibilities open up. It is not easy, and the need to reach out to find new clients is real as they do not grow on trees, but the opportunity is excellent.

Tom Debney, VIC


My highlight has been working with a group of professional people from all kinds of backgrounds who bring a special set of skills which enables me to provide the best level of service to my clients. A special bond with my colleagues keeps me engaged with Expense Reduction Analysts.

Hassan Nasser, NSW


Expense Reduction Analysts holds a unique position in the marketplace; with significant category expertise, we bring results that are rarely achieved in business. Our skills in implementation set us aside from other consultants, as we ensure that the results get to the bottom line.

David Rounsevell, SA


I believe that Expense Reduction Analysts gives me the flexibility to have both a professional and personal life and because I work from home, I can look after my grandchildren when I need to and if necessary, work after hours at my convenience.

Ruth Cohen, WA


After a 35-year career in consumer marketing and advertising, I identified in Expense Reduction Analysts an opportunity to leverage my cost management and relationship building skills into a win-win situation for myself and my clients.

Peter Sedgwick, VIC


We are in a business that seeks to provide a healthy income, but the healthiest income will come from where we provide a true ‘win-win’ result for our clients.

Gary Wilson, NSW


Expense Reduction Analysts has benefited me through becoming vocationally independent, allowing me to run my own business, meet a lot of terrific people, employ some fantastic staff, serve my clients directly, and to have a direct impact from the work I do each day.

Brett Hay, QLD


Expense Reduction Analysts has allowed me to focus on my areas of interest and expertise. The breadth of the network allows licensees to work on what they do best.

Andrew Slimming, SA


After many years of working at senior management levels in the corporate world, I reflected that I had led many business units to record levels of profitability and growth. However, I also realised that I had not received any great share of those financial results. I felt that Expense Reduction Analysts offered an opportunity to change that around.

Graham Wood, QLD

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