Delivering Value Through Insight™

Whether it is capital for new investments, the resources to recruit more employees or the means to increase competitiveness or profit optimisation – all companies want additional cash flow.

What would you do with additional cash flow within your organisation?

• Invest in further growth with more sales and marketing?
• Increase operational capacity with new staff and technologies?
• Fund more infrastructure or capacity within your business?
• Bridge performance gaps in your financials?
• Or simply share those profits with shareholders and/or employees?

For over 25 years, our experience in reviewing over 18,000 opportunities tells us that the majority of companies are overpaying their suppliers by at least 10-30%.


As one of the world’s leading specialists for cost management, we optimise your supply chain and processes, finding innovative suppliers and providers to best meet your organisation’s needs.

The resulting savings are the outcome of our extensive category knowledge, professional negotiations with suppliers as well as a qualitative assessment of their performance versus your needs. Throughout the entire engagement, you remain in control of our transparent process of cost management.

We see opportunities where you never thought possible. By providing cost management solutions, our experts can help discover the true potential of your business.

Areas of Expertise

Some of our happy clients

“We have been impressed with the professionalism brought to the project and relied upon Expense Reduction Analysts to provide insights into the industry that were essential to us selecting the right providers.”

Group Director

“The methodologies used by Expense Reduction Analysts to review and analyse expenses, combined with their expertise in various industries, are far more extensive than we could conduct in-house.”

Head of Business Performance

“I have found the consultants from Expense Reduction Analysts to be professional, knowledgeable and always seeking to add value. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to any other business.”

General Manager

“As a consequence of Expense Reduction Analysts’ project works, Buderim Ginger has been able to benefit from savings it would not have otherwise identified due to lack of internal resourcing.”

Chief Financial Officer

A few examples of our work

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Now more than ever, the need for organisations to develop a culture of cost reduction is paramount. Our latest whitepaper informs how you can maintain savings over time.

Uncovering additional cash flow within your organisation can yield many important benefits and enable your business to reach new heights. Whether you are looking to reinvest in your people, technology, marketing, or more—the extra dollars you save today can help you achieve tomorrow’s success.

Becoming best in class: how to maintain savings over time

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