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Facility Management

Facility management and maintenance—including cleaning services, utilities, property and equipment leasing, etc.—are integral components for all organisations.

Ensuring facilities are clean and adequately maintained for staff, customers, and clients is a high priority for many organisations.

But how can you tell if you’re getting maximum value for such services?

Our experienced consultants review clients’ supplier arrangements to determine if additional cost optimisation opportunities exist and use a specific review process helps clients leverage extra cash flow from their supplier base.

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Australian Chemical Producer Finds 35% Savings in Facility Management (HVAC)

Manufacturing Facility Management 2018

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Cleaning Supplies and Services

Cleaning services and supplies are often externalised.

With a wide variety of suppliers available, it is difficult to find the right partner that will not only undertake the apparent cleaning needs (dusting, hovering, disinfection, etc.) but also in many cases meet industry compliance requirements.

The experts at Expense Reduction Analyst know the requirements of the markets and the most efficient methods to help you get excellent service at better prices.

Equipment Lease and Management

Equipment leasing is a reasonable financial option for many businesses, especially for more extensive or more expensive equipment.

Equipment trader websites list equipment available for rental through equipment leasing companies. Equipment or machine maintenance options are also available but choosing the right provider among so many can be tricky.

Category experts at Expense Reduction Analysts will help you get the best bespoke service for your needs while helping you find hidden savings.

Facility Maintenance

Facility maintenance services are activities to keep buildings in good operating condition; janitorial and engineering services can also be considered facility maintenance services.

These services are most often outsourced, and Expense Reduction Analysts can help you re-define your specifications and get similar or better service and also achieve savings.

Landscape Management

Landscaping services are equally important to many businesses, public or educational and not-for-profit organisations to help maintain grounds, gardens and open spaces.

Selecting the right partner, being able to compare offers with those of competitors and market rates can be eased by Expense Reduction Analysts; our consultants have “insider” knowledge and can put their expertise at your disposal to help you achieve savings and get the best bespoke service.

Pest Control

Getting rid of those unwanted guests such as rats, termites, wasps, birds, etc. means resorting to pest control specialists; but making sure you pay the right price for a relevant service is quite a challenge when this category is so separate from your daily operations.

Expense Reduction Analysts pest control experts give valuable advice, helping businesses to save money and remain pest-free.

Utilities and Energy

Energy prices continue to ebb and flow, and understanding how to save on energy costs is both a priority and a challenge for many companies.

Alternative energy sources may be an option.

Expense Reduction Analysts can advise on the best way to meet not only your business needs while complying with the fast-changing regulations and saving on energy costs.


Did you know some businesses make money from their waste?

With the help of Expense Reduction Analysts consultants, businesses can make the best of their waste materials, increase their green credentials and save money in the process.