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Our Freight specialist Tim Woods explains the status and impacts on Domestic Freight due to COVID-19 and offers a solution overcoming the recent challenges.

Domestic freight in Australia has been hugely impacted by the COVID19 pandemic. While freight is considered an essential service by the Government, it isn’t business as usual by any means in the local freight industry.

Some of the key areas to look are in the attached document.

  1. Are you servicing clients to the full potential available?
  2. When was the last time you performed a comprehensive freight review? (not just in this current environment)
  3. What are the current freight opportunities for improvement for your company in this environment?
  4. Do you need help in understanding your true freight profile and defining an RFP to gain the full benefit of the exercise?
  5. How do you know if your service and pricing deal is competitive in the marketplace?
  6. Are you making typical freight despatch unknown errors, which regardless of rate cards, cost most companies between 10% – 30% extra?

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