Transport Logistics

Transport Logistics: There is potential in data graveyards

Transport logistics: a crucial area of every business and critical to success. If this aspect is not working as best it can, then either production or supply performance is at risk – at worst, both. What makes this more difficult is that transport logistics represents a really complex subject, affected by many factors.

Transport logistics is an important cost factor in many industries and trade. Depending on the sector, up to 25% of turnover is fed into goods transport. Therefore, it is important to keep a grasp on costs and reduce them if possible.

The whitepaper looks more in detail at the following challenges.

1. No Data – No Gains in Knowledge

2. Process steps are mostly still analogue, what does it mean?

Freight purchasing, Commissioning freight shipments, Real-time or near-time monitoring of shipments carried out, Invoicing and controlling

3. Small steps for great success

4. What’s in it for the business?

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