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One of the core benefits of Expense Reduction Analysts is our global network of experts, many of whom have developed practical knowledge, experience and insight from extensive careers in relevant industries.

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Since our launch in 1992, we’ve also developed numerous professional relationships with recognized professional bodies and organisations whose insights we’ve also been able to integrate into our white papers.

Accelerate your recovery

Drive your business towards economic security

Since the middle of March 2020, the world economy has been charting a very uncertain course and finally, the storm has started to ease. At the peak of the crisis, businesses were driven into emergency mode – with little room to manoeuvre.

Now that room to manoeuvre is growing again, businesses must grasp this opportunity to accelerate their recovery whilst also implementing measures to protect themselves from any future pandemics.

1. Leverage the Potential in your Supply Chain
2. Secure Production
3. Rethink Operating Processes
4. Secure Liquidity
5. Workforce Management for Rebuilding

Transport Logistics

There is potential in data graveyards

Transport logistics: a crucial area of every business and critical to success. If this aspect is not working as best it can, then either production or supply performance is at risk – at worst, both. What makes this more difficult is that transport logistics represents a really complex subject, affected by many factors.

Transport logistics is an important cost factor in many industries and trade. Depending on the sector, up to 25% of turnover is fed into goods transport. Therefore, it is important to keep a grasp on costs and reduce them if possible.

The whitepaper looks more in detail at the following challenges.

1. No Data – No Gains in Knowledge
2. Process steps are mostly still analogue, what does it mean?
3. Small steps for great success
4. What’s in it for the business?

Crisis Management

How can you maintain your supply chain during the Corona crisis?

Economic crises are like an exercise in Change Management – under high pressure and fast motion. Here, special attention is needed in logistics and delivery chains. During crisis management, the immediate short-term measures called for in the period of crisis should not detract attention from the time following the crisis. As soon as the situation has stabilised, opportunities for the future need to be sought.

The whitepaper looks more in detail at the following challenges within the individual supply chain processes.

1. Material – Create transparency along your entire supply chain
2. Logistics – ensure there is sufficient transport capacity
3. Liquidity – Manage your reserves actively and flexibly
4. Personnel – Ensure there are sufficient capacity and alternatives in your supply chain

5. What future opportunities does this crisis offer?

The Digital Transformation Game

Discover the secrets of digital transformation and explore how you can ensure success by preparing your business for a digital revolution

Digital transformation is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’; it is the essential first step on a journey that may ultimately embrace some, most or all of the following: big data, robotic process automation, blockchain, AI, virtual and augmented reality and 3D printing. If this transformation is to deliver the expected return on investment, it is vital that procurement is at the heart of it. To make that happen, procurement and supply chain leaders must first confront some inconvenient truths.

Success starts with clarity. Digital transformation sounds obvious – it’s about using digital technology to transform the business, isn’t it? – but different stakeholders will almost certainly have different priorities. That’s why senior management, hopefully, guided by the CPO, needs to define, agree and repeatedly communicate their strategic goals.

Becoming best in class

How to maintain savings over time

Our latest whitepaper, Becoming best in class, introduces simple methods your organisation can utilise to achieve savings from your supplier base and best practices that can lead to maintaining savings over time.

This includes our top 3 essential negotiation tactics to help you negotiate more effectively.

Whether you are considering negotiations with an incumbent supplier or kick-starting the bidding process, review your organisation’s current needs and what products and services will be necessary to keep your organisation running smoothly.