Nick Staropoli

Principal Consultant

Nick has personal experience with disappointment in business when attempts to reduce expenses using traditional methods do not produce the desired outcomes. When there didn’t seem to be any other options besides raising prices, even though doing so would make it harder for him to compete or reluctantly have to reduce employees, he quickly realised that hidden gaps in the buying cycle were to blame for this rather than any mistakes of his staff.


Your opportunity by engaging Nick is to find and close gaps in your procurement cycles, systems and processes to access $100K in hidden cash and long-term cost savings that your procurement team isn’t trained to identify. Putting an end to the frustration of not having the same in-depth knowledge and advanced analytics about your spending as you do about your clientele or brand, with ZERO risks as his fees are self-funded from the share of the savings bank.



  • Foods & Catering Services (Foodservice, Contract Catering)
  • Direct Marketing: (Print, Packaging, Corp. Merch. & Mail House)
  • Uniforms & PPE: (Hospitality, Customer Service, Manufacturing/ Industrial)
  • Client Management


If you are interested in exploring more about what Nick can achieve to stop you from overpaying suppliers for your business, DM him to arrange a 20min no-obligation discussion.

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