Tarang Gopani

Principal Consultant

With almost 20 years of experience working in senior management roles across industries such as relocation, recruitment, and finance, Tarang brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. He is a highly organised, results-driven professional adept at leading and managing teams. He is highly skilled in problem-solving and decision-making, with an eye for detail. He is also a strong communicator who can build relationships with stakeholders. His expertise has been invaluable in successfully guiding organisations through complex change initiatives.

His ability to deliver innovative solutions to complex business problems has driven organisational success. Tarang’s ability to think long-term and anticipate future needs has been invaluable to his clients. He has been a trusted adviser to many companies and has helped them navigate challenges and create sustainable competitive advantages.

As an expert in cost reduction and policy compliance, He provides valuable insight into cost management strategies and policies that can assist organisations in lowering costs and complying with regulations. He also helps organisations identify opportunities to optimise their processes. He has helped streamline processes and reduce costs for many companies. Developed and implemented innovative strategies to reduce costs. His expertise has been instrumental in helping companies maximise their efficiency.

His educational background includes a Bachelor of Commerce degree from UNSW and a certificate in Digital Marketing. He has experience in SEO and Social Media campaigns. He also has experience with analytics and conversion rate optimisation.
Having a great deal of experience setting budgets and delivering stretch targets, Tarang fully understands the need for businesses to optimise their operating and non-core costs to generate cash and fund growth initiatives.

He is also adept at identifying and pursuing potential cost-saving opportunities and creating and implementing strategies for managing cash flow and maximising profitability. Tarang is also able to analyse financial data and identify areas for improvement.


• Recruitment
• Relocation
• Information Technology
• Business Development
• Freight
• Fleet Leasing
• Office Products
• Client Management