Tom Debney

Principal Consultant

I joined Expense Reduction Analysts in 2009 after many years of senior roles in general management and operations with companies such as Hoechst, Nutrinova and UCB. His career began in Research and Development at CSIRO and Kraft Foods, then moved on to managing organisations in Australia and Asia while spending more than two years as Managing Director in the UK.

I have extensive experience developing strategy, management and process control in companies with broad experience in food, food ingredients, packaging, specialty and bulk chemicals, motor vehicle industry fleet management and R&D tax concession. Extensive experience in the Hamilton Grant process for product development and PIF management.

The focus of my career at Expense Reduction Analysts has been to identify opportunities for clients to make significant bottom-line savings from cost reduction and process simplification over a 24-month project life which ensures the savings are maintained.

My role also allows me to serve on several small privately held company boards and the board of AIFST. In addition, act as a mentor for the CSIRO ON Prime lean launch program to assist startup programs.

Fellow of Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology, former Director, former Treasurer and member of Audit and Risk Committee; Member of Australian Institute of Company Directors, Management consulting, Director.


  • Fleet Management
  • Chemicals
  • Ingredients
  • Packaging
  • Projects & Client Management

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