Managing Office Supplies

Ten tips in coordinating office supply savings


Office supplies are one of the organisation’s most considerable ongoing daily expenses, and yet for many companies, it is one of the least understood and often achieved the least attention – it tends to fly under the radar.

It is a category that generally doesn’t register on the strategic agenda and is often left to lower-level managers to drive if anyone at all besides how difficult is it to buy a pen.

In this category, there is an excellent potential for overspending and users to make random choices, often to the organisation’s detriment – a fact typically overlooked or not seen by the executive team.

Managing this category efficiently and effectively requires some industry knowledge, regular analysis, and negotiation skills to secure advantageous supply and service contracts to obtain a better result for your organisation.

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The whitepaper discusses key issues

  • Are your office supplies on contract?
  • Understanding your companies needs
  • Setting up a basket of items that suits your companies needs
  • Marketing your basket of items
  • Negotiating effectively
  • Pay attention to the implementation phase
  • Regularly check the prices you are charged against the agreed rates
  • Review your basket of items regularly
  • Develop good relationships with your office supplies representative
  • Communications

"Now more than ever, the need for organisations to develop a culture of cost reduction is paramount."

Grant Morrow - Principal Consultant

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